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More than 30 artists from around the world came together for the We Are One project to record Jayme’s song Hear the Call. The powerful composition makes a real statement, and brings artists and people around the World together in a message for change. Have a listen and be inspired by the especially in Finland produced version of the song..  Spotify >

Music Biography

When New York club scene producers B.Bros wanted to work with Jayme’s spooky song Gonna Get Ye! for a Halloween show, the song got a life on its own, and the boys decided to team up as B2DANCE. The same year their debut album Halloween Dance landed a number 1 spot on the popular iTunes USA store, Napster and Rhapsody alike. Other major Top 40 dance hits World-Wide followed in the likes of Everybody on the Dance Floor, Party Animals, Get on2the Dance Floor, and Dark Night to just name a few. 

His passionate way of songwriting and performing results in timeless songs like Time for Change has Come. Inspired by the movement for change towards the inauguration of President Obama, the song became not only a people choice favorite, but received high praise from officials like the American Consul General, Dutch Ambassador to the USA and Dutch Prime Minister. His debut solo album XI compiled beautiful new songs written and produced in 11 months time, and show-off that he owns more than one genre. From reggae to old school country, from latin to contemporary. The album also features the hit song Baby, Don’t Hurt Me. The catchy song is still leading his most popular top 5 on Apple Music. And there isn’t a Christmas playlist complete without his romantic Be Home This Christmas and uplifting When Santa is Singin Christmas songs.

Letting his music be a voice, Jayme recorded for #RefugeesWelcome song Bus Stop. The song is asking awareness for the dire situations refugees face, and to bring the topic to the listeners through the power of music.  Jayme also composed the climate awareness song Hear the Call, the remixed version Dance for Climate Remix is a popular anthem for climate activists around the Globe. The powerful message of the song brought together over 30 artists from around the world to record a single for the new Finish We Are One festival.

How it started.

After composing his first song on the young age of 8 years old, his high school garage band was a huge success in Germany and Austria, performing his own songs on major live music festivals. Finishing school was a priority, and Jayme took on the challenge to study at the Conservatory. Being too young to attend he composed a special song for the entry exam, convincing the board to let him be the youngest student ever to be accepted. Although his love for Jazz and Light Classical music is still a core passion, he soon decided to study at the Academy of Contemporary Music in London and landing a job as songwriter for Sony Music and Endemol entertainment. Credits include Dutch popular movie and TV series like Costa!, Bon Bini Beach, and Julia Tango. International credits include Buffy, Underworld, Zumba Fitness but also countless world-wide indie movie projects.

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